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Common Questions Answered

  • What is the average age of kids attending?
    The average age is 5-10 yrs- but each child’s ability and interest to sit and listen for 1 hour varies. We hope to make it fun for kids of all ages.
  • Is it a pre-recorded session?
    Our sessions are live sessions, and kids are encouraged to ask questions and comment. This is what makes Traveling Tuk-tuk so unique. No two trips are alike.
  • When and where do the tours leave from?
    Our trips are based on 2 time zones: India and California at this point. We are coming up with an EastCoast/Homeschool friendly time schedule super soon. If bone of these work for you,plae write to us, and we can figure something out. We also do custom tours for birthdays or whatever you are celebrating. Write to us to know more.
  • How much does it cost for each tour?
    Our trips need one thngmore than anyting else - a boatload of imagination. Just to cover worldly costs, we charge USD $20/month (2 trips) or $50/3 months. We accept Venmo/Paypal/Zelle payments.
  • Do you have quizzes and activities for kids?
    Yes! You can sign up for our monthly newsletter. We send a few games and quizzes for kids and adults to enjoy. If you are interested in screen-free travel based activities for kids, please send us an email to
  • What other activities do you have?
    We have some screen-free travel based activities that can kids be engaged in over a week or so. Pleare write to us: for more information. We have travel based digital bedtime stories that kids can read on their own or parents can read to them. We host birthday parties and school field trips.
  • How else can I support you?
    Talk about us! If your kid's school wants to do a field trip, refer us. Have us host a birthday party for your kids. If your kid likes our trips, leave us a review here.
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