The world is waiting.
Let's go Everywhere!

Traveling Tuk-tuk takes kids on imaginary trips across the world. Our trips are full of fun, and full of information. Like on a vacation.


How It Works

Our imaginary trips take off to a new country, every other week. We explore animals, people, culture and geography. 

The trips are over Zoom Video, for about 1 hour.

How it works:

  • Sign up for a trip here.

  • Choose your plan and buy tickets.

  • We send you an email 1 day before the trip with trip details, including the Zoom link. Kids receive a passport page to stamp for each country. 

  • Travel with us!

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About Us

A quick preview of our trip to Italy

We, Pri & Stu, have been friends forever and have always loved the thrill of travel. Nothing makes us happier than exploring a new corner of the world. We now live on two opposite sides on the globe. Traveling Tuk-tuk allows us to explore the world with tiny world travelers. 

We have traveled to over 30 countries. Each the place and culture we experienced, opened up our minds and hearts a little more. And we are far from done. Every time we visit a new place, we are left more curious, and more in love.

With Traveling Tuk-tuk, we want to plant the same seed of curiosity in kids’ hearts. We want each child to love the world more.

So come along….

Pri & Stu

Everybody Loves Us!


“My daughter enjoys the virtual tours. She is are waiting for it. Stu makes it more engaging and answers to all the kids questions patiently. They get to know about the famous places and the different cultures.”

Parent of a 5 year old

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